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  • Tow your car to our repair centre
  • Assess the damage and get an immediate quote using our automatic quoting system
  • Contact your insurance company for their approval
  • We will give you a replacement car comparable to your own.
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25 66 1000

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Intiras Ganti, 3010 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel.: +357 25 661000
Fax: +357 25 565290
Email: director@teachgarage.com
Teach Garage Accident Repair Centre is a leading crash repair service based in Limassol, Cyprus. With our newly installed Car-O-Tronic computerised repair system ,we can guarantee that your car repair will have a manufacture standard and a quality finish in a timeframe that suits you. We handle all bodywork jobs from the smallest scratch or dent to large damage from a major collision.
If you have an accident, call us first. We will tow your car in, deal directly with your insurance claim and give you a replacement car, like for like – FREE OF CHARGE. All you have to do is call us – we do the rest!

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